Allclues Web Beta Known Issues - Ongoing Updates

Latest update: Oct 9, 2023

Allclues' web beta invites have started rolling out! If you're one of the early birds who've already applied, be sure to keep a close eye on your inbox. But if you're not on our waitlist yet, no worries! Just head over to the official Allclues website and get in on the action.

Below are the known issues our team at Allclues is currently looking into. This list aims to provide clarity and transparency about the issues you might encounter, offering immediate information about the status of bugs, as well as potential workarounds. Keep in mind that this list isn't exhaustive. We're continually working to refine the experience, and will keep this list updated as new issues are identified and tackled. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Home & All Pages

Currently, "All Pages" supports views for Notes, Todos, Articles, and Images. Soon, it will include richer views, such as PDFs, Emails, as well as embedded previews for Videos and Tweets.

After creating a page, it may appear as "Empty Page" in the list, or, after updating tags in a page, the ClueTags  list on the Home Page may not refresh immediately. Leaving or refreshing the page usually corrects the problem. We're fine-tuning the data update logic for a smoother experience.

Block Editor

The Editor currently doesn't support file attachments. We'll be adding this feature soon.

  1. Mentioning other pages within a page isn't available yet, but will be added in the future.
  2. Several blocks issues can impact your experience. Some known issues include:
  • Shift selection of multiple blocks isn’t available now. However, you can drag around blocks to select multiple.
  • Style adjustments after block selection aren’t supported currently.
  • Dragging multiple blocks might only move the one under the cursor. We're looking into this.
  • AI assistance, “Ask AI”, currently only works with text within blocks, not the entire block.

Clues AI

Our AI capability is a core strength, and adapting it to diverse user scenarios is crucial. Sometimes, the AI might not provide anticipated results, but tweaking your prompts might help. For example, being more descriptive in your questions or specifying the context might yield better results.

During the early phases of Allclues Beta, AI requests are free but are capped daily at around 100 requests. This includes ClueTags generated by Clues AI, Summary, and each AI chat message. Pricing plans will be announced soon. Please follow our X (Twitter)  or visit our website for updates. Given the computational costs associated with AI, we trust you’ll understand our positioning.


Occasionally, content might not perfectly match tags. We're tweaking the algorithm for better accuracy.

We're working on user-driven AI fine-tuning for adding or deleting tags without the need for extensive setups.

The precision of search results is under enhancement. We're working on refining the AI logic for better accuracy.


The OmniMap offers a visual representation of data connections. Known issues include:

  1. Challenges in selecting points due to unconventional interaction designs.
  2. Initial requirements for sufficient data to generate a map.
  3. Issues with pinpointing the exact location of a search result within the map.

Plans are in place to improve these areas, and we're also adding features like mini map for quick navigation and buck select options, and optimizing interface elements.

Email Drop

Features like subscribing to newsletters or forwarding crucial emails aren’t available. We’re hoping to roll these out in the next two months.

Chrome Extension

AI Chat functionalities are not yet integrated but are scheduled for an upcoming release.

For any other queries, insights, or suggestions, please reach out to us at or leave your feedback right here.