Empowering Thinking — The Reason for Creating the Next-Generation All-in-One Workspace

We live in an era of information overload, where low-value information proliferates. We spend heaps of time scrolling through social media, watching short videos, and relying on search engines and social media algorithms to get information. While it may seem like we’re becoming more knowledgeable, the truth is, these platforms that encourage simplified outputs are causing our understanding and application of knowledge to decline gradually.

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In truth, each one of us to some extent lives in this knowledge bubble. To break free from this knowledge bubble and obtain knowledge more effectively, and express ourselves with high-quality output, we need to invest time in thinking.

Thinking involves a series of steps: information input, analysis and comprehension, comparison and evaluation, creative integration, decision-making, and implementation. Simplified, it can be categorized into input and output.

But mere input and output won’t cut it. Different individuals, with their unique abilities, interpret and utilize the same information differently. Here’s how individuals with varying abilities differ in terms of input and output:

- Superficial Input: Storing various articles to note apps

- Meaningful Input: Engaging in thoughtful reading

- Superficial Output: Reproducing others’ content

- Meaningful Output: Expressing one’s own thoughts

So, how can we achieve meaningful input and output? How can we effectively utilize the information we obtain and transform it into knowledge?

For an individual, the most common means of achieving this is through reading and writing, encompassing all forms, whether books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. and expressing in any form, such as essays, Twitter, reading notes, chat conversations, etc.

If either of these elements exists independently, true thinking cannot occur. We believe that the human brain’s bandwidth is limited. In today’s technologically advanced world, we can harness tools to fully leverage the advantages of thinking.

AI can replace us in performing mechanical note-taking tasks, allowing us to focus solely on producing quality content.

Computers can act as our second brain, remembering all information, and allowing us to retain only the valuable knowledge.

✨This is why Allclues came into being.

We believe that reading and writing should not exist in isolation; they should be closely interconnected, not merely a linear relationship. We hope that, with the aid of tools, all human can enhance their thinking abilities and truly experience the power of thought, rather than getting lost in this era of information overload.

We are launching the Allclues beta. Join us and let true thinking unfold!

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