How to actually use Allclues to manage your knowledge: Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you have to process each day? Struggling to efficiently organize your thoughts and ideas? Finding it difficult to stay inspired when creating content? Constantly switching between your browser and note-taking app? Searching for an all-in-one productivity solution? You're not alone.

In the digital age, we are all bombarded with a lot of information from multiple sources - emails, articles, social media, and more. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and struggle to make sense of it all. That's where Allclues comes in.

Allclues was built with a clear mission in mind: to help you navigate, organize, and make the most of the flood of information you face every day. It accomplishes this by bringing the power of artificial intelligence right into your workspace. With Allclues, it's not just about organizing; it's about transforming your data into an engaging learning journey. Let's explore how you can leverage Allclues to supercharge your knowledge management!

Unlike other apps that interrupt the natural process of forgetting by repeatedly reminding you what to remember, Allclues operates differently. With Allclues, you no longer need to force yourself to remember everything; it becomes your brain's 24/7 assistant, helping you recall and create information when needed.

Getting started with Allclues is quick and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get up and running in no time:

Sign Up

Head over to and sign up for the Allclues beta by simply entering your email address. If you have already registered, rest assured that we are processing your request as quickly as possible. To speed up your application, simply answer four questions - it takes less than a minute to complete.

Install the Browser Extension

Since Allclues just launched the web version and browser extension, using Allclues with the extension will be more convenient. It is a powerful tool that allows you to capture content from the web quickly and easily. You can selectively saving links, text, or images directly to Allclues. What’s even better is that you can select multiple items in one go.

Information Capture

The information capture workflow is all about collecting and tagging the information that stands out to you. It includes two steps: Capture and Categorize.

Capture and Categorize

Step 1:Capture

The "Capture" phase involves identifying and collecting meaningful information from various sources, a process that can occur anytime and anywhere. For instance, you may encounter a relevant article while conducting online research or wish to save important notes from a virtual meeting. It's always crucial to save these pieces of information together for future use.

Allclues places significant emphasis on this phase; with the Allclues extension installed, you are equipped to effortlessly capture anything that holds value for you. Allclues serves as a dependable assistant, safely archiving your selected content. Once you navigate to the webpage you wish to preserve and click on the Allclues extension icon in your browser, you then have the option to save the entire page or select specific content.



Future updates will bring support for embedding PDFs, X (Twitter) posts, YouTube videos, Emails and more advanced AI handling.

Have a thought related to the webpage you're on? Use the Quick Note feature to jot it down instantly. Allclues makes it effortless to organize your ideas as they come to you.


Allclues makes capturing information from diverse sources effortless, facilitating a seamless information capture process.

Step 2: Categorize

After capturing information, the next natural step is to categorize it appropriately. This is the second and final step in saving information and is fundamental for the knowledge processing to occur. However, this task is often complex and tedious, making it ideally suited for AI, as it can handle it more efficiently and quickly. It's akin to handing over all your documents to an assistant, who then efficiently categorizes and tags each one.

Allclues is equipped with a digital assistant, Clue AI, which simplifies this process. With Clues AI, categorization isn’t about adhering to a strict system of categories. Instead, it involves parsing and automatically generating meaningful and intuitive ClueTags and different pages such as Notes, Todos, Article, Images, etc. Allclues creates a personalized system that will make it easier for you to locate and use the information later on, not one that you have to work for.



Next Up Intelligent Knowledge Processing

Once you get into the habit of capturing information, you might notice that you open Allclues more frequently. This is because, when you start capturing, you now believe that you may use the saved information one day. The change means you're ready for processing knowledge. To learn more, please check our next blog.