How to actually use Allclues to manage your knowledge: Part 2

How to actually use Allclues to manage your knowledge: Part 2

This is Part 2 of how you can actually use Allclues to manage knowledge.

In the previous blog, we learned that the information capture workflow involves Capture and Organize. In this part 2, we'll show you how Allclues facilitates "knowledge processing" and "knowledge application".

Intelligent Knowledge Processing

Allclues is dedicated to empowering thinking. This empowerment begins with the processing of captured information, which we refer to as 'knowledge processing'. With the aid of AI, this process is elevated to 'intelligent knowledge processing'.

The intelligent knowledge processing has five key components: Reading, AI-empowered search, Asking AI, summarizing and relevant reading. We refrain from describing these as 'steps' because this is not a linear process. Knowledge processing is iterative, much like how we tend to forget the titles of books we've read or key points made by a teacher in class. It requires repetitive engagement to transform information into knowledge. This section will delve into the key features of Allclues that facilitate intelligent knowledge processing.



In an era where content is vast and ever-growing, Allclues offers a new haven for your treasured finds on the web. Whether it's a detailed article or a valuable snippet; once saved to Allclues, they're on a transformative journey. Orchestrated by the ingenious Clues AI, these pieces find a dedicated home within the "Articles" section. And, don't worry, every piece of content you find valuable will be parsed into a new page, safely nested within Allclues, strengthening your personal knowledge bank.

AI-empowered Search

Searching is no longer a game of exact memory. At Allclues, the AI-enhanced search bar understands your intent, elegantly bridging the gap between your terms and the treasure trove of content. For those who appreciate efficiency, the Shortcuts ⌘ K / Ctrl K stand ready to elevate your search experience. In this dance of creation and discovery, you create, and Allclues gracefully orchestrates the find.

Asking AI

Clues AI dives into your Allclues data intelligently to provide you with relevant, logical answers tailored to you. It provides quality results extracted from your account.  If it doesn't find what you need or you want broader results, you can change the search scope to “Anything" for diverse insights.



When you have received enough information, your brain has started to work rapidly, but the human brain cannot process a lot of information as efficiently as AI. At this time, it is very efficient to use the ability of AI to help the human brain summarize large articles. Allclues offers a panoramic overview of the current page by providing "Summary", serving as a launchpad for quick comprehension.

Relevant Reading

At the same time Allclues recognizes that continuity is the cornerstone of understanding.  The "Relevant" page serves as a compass, guiding you to pages intricately linked to your current view. It's more than just a feature; it's a bridge, linking prior knowledge and ensuring an undying spark of inspiration, whether you're penning down thoughts or diving into another reading.

Knowledge Application

All set with information? Now comes its artful application - writing. With the help of AI, you can now process knowledge more efficiently and achieve meaningful output through your writing. Writing is a powerful tool that can be used to express ideas in any form, whether it's an academic paper, a tweet, reading notes, or chat conversations.

At Allclues, Clues AI is your writing partner that doesn't replace your skills but rather enhances them. Clues AI provides inspiration when you're stuck, answers your doubts, and serves as your second brain to help you recall and apply information. With Clues AI's support, you can take your writing to the next level and achieve your goals.

Allclues seamlessly integrates reading and writing within a single workspace, significantly enhancing your writing efficiency. Whether you're seeking inspiration during a writer's block, requiring AI to translate English to Japanese without toggling between tabs, or using AI to source evidence to support your paper's arguments, Clues AI is your ultimate assistant. Take your writing game to the next level with Clues AI.

Coming Soon on Product Hunt!

In closing, we're thrilled to announce our upcoming launch on Product Hunt. Keep an eye out for the latest Allclues extension, and we'd be grateful for your support!

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