The Journey

Hi there! You may be like me, constantly juggling between different apps and browsers, browsing through favorites collections, and switching to the notes app to capture those fleeting moments of inspiration. It's a time-consuming process, and worse yet, it's too easy to lose valuable clues between messages.

I can relate. Just like you, I found myself drowning in a chaotic sea of disorganized data, fragmented insights, and missed opportunities. Something had to change.

That's when I had a vision. I imagined a world where AI could be the ultimate assistant, helping us make sense of the overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips. I wanted to create a tool that would transform disordered chaos into crystal-clear order and become a trusted companion on our productivity journeys.

And so, Allclues was born.

At Allclues, we understand the daily struggles of managing an avalanche of information. Whether it's web articles, PDFs, newsletters, capturing those brilliant ideas, or organizing essential documents, we've got your back.

With Allclues, you can effortlessly drop everything into our intuitive interface. Automatic subscriptions, clicks, links, shortcuts, or starting a new page – it's all there, designed for seamless integration. Allclues becomes your tireless detective, connecting the dots between all your content, organizing it, and providing you with detailed insights tailored to your preferences.

But let us make one thing clear: Allclues isn't just another ChatGPT. We go beyond flexible queries. We've brought back a user-friendly, interactive interface that works while you rest. With pixel-perfect design and high customization and learning capabilities, Allclues lets AI become your AI, tailored specifically to your needs. It's just like having a team that effortlessly handles all your information and knowledge.

Join us on this journey. And it's time to reclaim your focus.

Founder of Allclues